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User Categories - We distinguish the following user categories:

  • ETHZ (ETH Zürich only)
  • ETH Eawag
  • ETH Domain (e.g. EPSL, EMPA, PSI)
  • External (e.g. other Universities)

Membership - We offer frequent and non-frequent membership for all categories. Frequent membership benefits apply to all users of a research group. The annual membership fee and the bioinformatics hourly rate vary depending on the membership (e.g. frequent or non-frequent) and user category.

User Membership Yearly fee Bioinformatics hourly rate 
ETHZ Frequent CHF 4900.- CHF 30.-
  Non-Frequent CHF 0.- CHF 60.-
ETH (Eawag) Frequent CHF 5000.- CHF 10.-
  Non-Frequent CHF 0.- CHF 30.-
ETH (WSL) Frequent CHF 5000.- free
  Non-Frequent CHF 0.- free
ETH domains Frequent user CHF 5000.- CHF 70.-
  Non-Frequent user 0 CHF 140.-
External Frequent user CHF 5100.- CHF 70.-
  Non-Frequent user 0 CHF 140.-

Server Access Fee - Server access is free for all users from the ETHZ, Eawag and WSL. All other institutions are considered as "external users". External frequent users pay an annual fee of CHF 500, external non-frequent users an annual fee of CHF 2000.

Data Storage - Every project and user registered with the GDC has currently 100GB of disk space for free. Above this limit the price per TB is CHF 150 per year.

Archiving solutions - For further details see archiving solutions (PDF, 334 KB).

Laboratory consumption - A detailed price list for laboratory equipment, chemicals and plasticware is available on the intranet or can be received on request.

The membership fee we bill annually in the beginning of the calendar year, data storage annually end of the year, bioinformatic support every quarter and laboratory consumption every month.  

If you have any questions regarding pricing please contact Aria Minder.

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