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GDC follows the guidelines for research integrity of the ETH. This requires that all projects using the GDC facilities or resources (including computing hardware) are required to include the GDC in the acknowledgments of any publication.

Furthermore, the guidelines suggest that research groups consider co-authorship of GDC support provider(s) that contributed in an essential way to the planning, execution, control and/or evaluation of the research work. These guidelines apply even though support is paid for by the research groups. GDC staff members considered for co-authorship will participate in drafting the manuscript and approve the final version.

Unpublished workflows, data pipelines, scripts or code provided by the GDC need to be cited if co-authorship does not apply. The rights stay with the GDC and consent is required to share the provided resources.

Example for acknowledging GDC:

“Data produced and analyzed in this paper were generated in collaboration with the Genetic Diversity Centre (GDC), ETH Zurich”

GDC logos for presentations or posters can be found on the intranet.

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